Participating Servers  (Miscellaneous Statistics)

Tracking 54,313 players (10 new players last 24h) with 9,587,309 kills and 1,869,456 headshots (19%) on 1 servers
Server Address Map Time Players
ANZAC Public Server || dod_vallente_rc3 00:07:27h 0/32
Server Address Map Time Players
ANZAC Public Server || dod_vallente_rc3 00:07:27h 0/32
# Player Frags Hs Hpk Acc Lat Time +/- Skill Position
No Players

Daily Awards (Overview)

Award Winner (Monday, Nov 19, 2018) Today's Leader
Area Captured  Col. RAZZZ | ANZAC/2nd (55 areas captured) Not awarded
Backstabbing  ›яR‹ Comrade (2 kills with the American Knife) Not awarded
Bar Browning  [CX] Toonie -BG- (81 kills with the BAR Browning Automatic Rifle) Not awarded
Bazooka  Recked (20 kills with the Bazooka) Not awarded
Best Latency  vega (23 ms average connection) Not awarded
Bomb Planter Killer  Buzzou (1 kills) Not awarded
Colt Freak  ›яR‹ Comrade (11 kills with the Colt .45 model 1911) Not awarded
Dominator  ›яR‹ Comrade (14 dominations) Not awarded
Garand  ›яR‹ Comrade (129 kills with the M1 Garand Rifle) Not awarded
German Grenade  trouty (15 bombings with the German Grenade) Not awarded
German Machine  hardcore bro (46 kills with the MG42) Not awarded
Longest Death Streak  Dutch Schultz (13 deaths) Not awarded
Longest Kill Streak  Warthead (18 kills) Not awarded
Longest Play Time  ›яR‹ Comrade (05:23:28h hours) Not awarded
Most Captures  Col. RAZZZ | ANZAC/2nd (55 captures) Not awarded
Most Deaths  ›яR‹ Comrade (286 deaths) Not awarded
Most Headshots  ›яR‹ Comrade (85 headshots) Not awarded
Most Improved Player  Cheeky_BanterS4 (1,210 points gained) Not awarded
Most Kills  ›яR‹ Comrade (362 kills) Not awarded
Most Suicides  hardcore bro (6 suicides) Not awarded
MP40  Elbow Grease (33 kills with the MP40 Machine Pistol) Not awarded
MP44  Col. RAZZZ | ANZAC/2nd (82 kills with the MP44 Assault Rifle) Not awarded
Panzerschreck  Maj Gen.Alfie_Norks.ANZAC (18 kills with the Panzerschreck) Not awarded
Puncher  Mezevenf (1 knock-outs) Not awarded
Revenger  brosef91 (6 revenges) Not awarded
Shovel God  ›яR‹ BamH1 (2 kills with the spade) Not awarded
Spring Sniper  ViRuu5 (51 snipings with the Springfield 03 Rifle) Not awarded
Thompson  `SPAZ' (65 kills with the Thompson Submachine Gun) Not awarded
Top Defuser  Maldorin (5 bomb defusions) Not awarded
Top Demolitionist  Buzzou (13 bomb plantings) Not awarded
US Grenade  [CX] Toonie -BG- (17 bombings with the U.S. Grenade) Not awarded